Depending upon your goals, you may wish to publish your work for the benefit of distant cousins or simply organize your findings for your immediate family. There are different points of view and no single correct course of action, but you will generally find that sharing at least some of your work will help connect you with someone sharing at least one line of your family. You can choose to share your research on a case-by-case basis, post files on the Internet, or publish a book or manuscript – the decision is entirely up to you.

By now you have conducted a fair amount of primary research through interviews, correspondence, and other fact finding. You should now consider what material may be available from other ‘distant cousins’ that may have already begun searching for common ancestors. While published sources can be a great help, you should look for source citations and attempt to verify the finding for yourself before adopting entire branches as your own.

by Daniel M. Lynch for the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc.