As a condition of membership in the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, all members are required to review and agree in writing to our Code of Conduct. Upon renewal of their annual membership, each member reaffirms their adherence to this ethical code of conduct.

We encourage all non-members to also adhere to this same Code of Conduct.

CSG Code of Conduct


Connecticut vital records are available from the following sources:

            The Barbour Collection – 1600s to 1850

            Town clerks – 1851 to about 1897

            City Registrars – 1851 to about 1897

            Town clerks, city registrars and the State Health Department – 1897 to the present

Members have special access to some of these records through their CSG membership card.

Therefore, it is essential that:

1.  Members conduct themselves with courtesy and respect for others when visiting any of the locations where vital records are stored.

2.  Vital records research is for genealogical or historical purposes ONLY such as: publication of a family genealogy, documentation of descent from an ancestor for a hereditary society, recording personal ancestors related to family members and genealogical research for another member or, for a professional fee, for a person wishing to document his/her ancestry.

3.  All care and precautions are taken by members when accessing original documents, books, ledgers, etc. to maintain their preservation and integrity.

Vital records may be accessed by making a visit to the appropriate town or city offices on those days and times when such access is available.  Members may also procure copies of vital records by writing to the appropriate town, city or state official requesting a copy of a vital record.  In the latter case, it is important that the request includes the name of the person, the type of event, the date of the event within five years, the appropriate fee, and a photocopy of both your current CSG membership card and your driver’s license as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope.



Like many states, Connecticut has a number of laws and guidelines regarding researchers and vital records.  Connecticut’s can be found at the website for the Connecticut Town Clerks Association:

At this site are three documents, one in .htm format and the two as MSWord documents.  The titles are:

1.  Guidelines for Use of Records in Town Halls and other Municipal Repositories – MS Word, 1 page

2.  Statutes and Codes Affecting Town Clerks, Registrars of Vital Records and Family History Researchers – MS Word, 2 pages

3.  List of Genealogical Societies Authorized to do Business in the State of Connecticut .htm document also available at